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KOICA funds construction of Ninh Thuan water pipeline

NINH THUAN — The construction of a water pipeline to improve the living conditions of 189 households began today in Lam Son Commune in the southern Ninh Thuan Province's Ninh Son District.

Vietnam looks back on 20 years of receiving official development assistance

The Central Economic Committee on August 7 held the conference “ODA activities in Vietnam-the past 20 years” in the central city of Danang, aiming to evaluate the effect, the current status and the difficulties in calling for and using official development assistance (ODA), concessional foreign loans and other sources of capital in the past 20 years.

SME Development Fund: Supports of Ministries Needed

To promote supports for the development and operation of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) community in Vietnam, the Ministry of Planning and Investment recently held the second meeting of the Executive Council for the SME Development Fund. This is an opportunity for experts and policymakers to review the legal framework, priority modes and preferences for SMEs.

M&A Forum kicks off with Investment Connection Programme

The Vietnam M&A Forum 2015 has been officially opened this morning in Ho Chi Minh City with the Investment Connection Programme.

Australian Investment in Vietnam

I. FDI from Australian companies in Vietnam

By the end of June of 2015, Australian investors ranked 20 among 103 foreign countries and territories in Vietnam with 333 existing projects worth 1.62 billion USD. The scale of an Australian project is quite small with around over 4.8 million US doller per project.

One more law to loosen the shackles on businesses

After the new Law on Investment and Law on Enterprises, which eliminate many obstacles to doing business, the Ministry of Planning and Investment is rolling out the draft Law on Master Planning, aiming to further widen opportunities for the private sector by eliminating restrictions on master plans.

Revised Enterprise Law to create transparent environment for businesses

The revised Enterprise Law officially took effect on July 1st under which timelines are slashed to 3 days instead of 5 to 10 days in the past. Facilitating favorable conditions for individuals and enterprises to register business licensing will boost Vietnam’s economy.

Investment Law guidelines set out

The planning and investment ministry is finalising a draft decree for building an adequate, transparent and consistent legal framework for the implementation of the 2014 Investment Law.

Draft Decree Detailing Enforcement of Investment Law: Regulations on Investment Procedures Overheated

Regulations on transfer, suspension, revocation and liquidation of investment projects drew the most constructive opinions from specialists, businesses and associations at the “Workshop on Opinion Collection for Draft Decree Detailing the Enforcement of Investment Law” organised in Ho Chi Minh City by the Ministry of Planning and Investment in cooperation with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).


Over the years, the economy of Ninh Thuan province has made positive changes and robustly developed in many fields. Economic structure has shifted in right direction, social policies has achieved remarkable achievements. To further raise the level of provincial development beside other provinces/city in region, Ninh Thuan province will seek more creative and significant ideas to create a new breakthrough direction for quick and sustainable socio - economic development aiming to effectively exploit and use provincial potentials and strengthens.

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Serminar on appoving PCI 2012 of Ninh Thuan
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Processing industries considered provincial advantages will be developed according to the orientation of intergating into international economy, building strongly competetive brand and taking part in the global supply chains

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Possessing a coastline of 105 km long, Ninh Thuan’s fishery can be exploited at every time, that is considered one of the four most important fishing grounds of Vietnam with the total reserve of fish and shrimp, the feasible fishing capacity about 50,000 tones/year, with various species of aqua-products of high economic value, suitable for processing industry and exports .
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1. Plant-growing:

      The province is agricultural production land area accounts for 79,727 ha. Thanks to the fact that there still exists a great potential for untopped agricultural land and serveral large scale irrigation works be built up by 2015, in coming years, the agricultural production in Ninh Thuan will be given to developing particular and high economic value plants such as grapes, tobaco;

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